Miracle Eye - a way to recover vital look - The treatment aimed at immediate moisturising, visible reduction of wrinkles and improvement of the look and condition of the skin. The treatment is based on an innovative collagen flakes containing 3 most important active substances helpful in reconstruction of the skin around the eyes.
Duration: 30 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 90
FOR BEAUTIFUL EYES Treatment reducing swollen eyelids - The treatment uses unique properties of cosmetic cryo-massage and toning properties of rose water obtained from petals of fresh rose buds. It helps to reduce swelling of eyelids and remove symptoms of fatigue.
Duration: 30 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 50
Nourishing and smoothing treatment - Treatment with ceramide eye and eyelid mask-cream with a complex of ceramides supporting and improving the epidermal barrier with components having protection measures, and mask revitalising skin of the eyelids and giving fresh look.
Duration: 30 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 50


MESOLIFT - Specialist care treatment inspired by experience of aesthetic medicine, designed for intensive care of skin with clearly marked signs of decrease in density, visible wrinkle net, and loss of firmness or tension. It is based on ultramodern preparations, using non-invasive meso-therapy method, located in hyaluronic acid of unusual efficiency.
Duration: 75 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 220
FULL LIFE - Regenerating treatment with phytoestrogens for mature skin, for face, neck and décolleté. The treatment prevents from decrease in firmness and elasticity, feeling of dryness and deepening wrinkles. Anti-aging biologically active components stimulate natural, slowed down with age processes occurring in the skin; hyaluronic micro-sponges reduce wrinkles and the extract of iris improves skin firmness and elasticity. After the treatment the skin is silky smooth and regenerated.
Duration: 75 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 160
HIALIQ - Hyaluronic anti-wrinkle treatment for mature skin. The unique treatment using hyaluronic acid at three levels of skin. Owing to the use of hyaluronic acid and collagen patch, it fills the wrinkles from the inside giving a smoothing effect and the skin becomes firmer, more moisturised and flexible.
Duration: 75 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 160
ENERGY AND VITALITY - Oxygenating treatment for all types of mature skin. The basis of the treatment is a combination of anti-aging ingredients and alpha-hydroxy acids, which stimulate biological regeneration of the epidermis, collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. The treatment provides energy, stimulates and saturates the skin with nutrients. After the treatment, the skin looks relaxed, becomes firm and wrinkles become shallower.
Duration: 70 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 13
RELIEF - Intensively moisturising treatment for coupe rose, reddened and sensitive skin. It brings immediate relief to reddened, sensitive skin, soothes and 'wraps' with soft, protective 'jacket' made of natural substances. As a result, vascular play calms down, skin redness becomes pale, skin tone becomes equal, skin becomes smooth and supple, irritation symptoms are soothed. The treatment brings back harmony and comfort.
Duration: 75 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 120
CLEAR AS A TEAR DROP - Normalising and cleansing treatment - designed for combination and oily skin with a tendency to excessive secretion of sebum. The treatment is designed to cleanse the skin, improve its condition and tone. The skin surface becomes clearly smooth, matte, cleansed and refreshed.
Duration: 60 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 110


CAVITATION PEELING - Cavitation peeling is cleansing of skin with the use of ultrasonic vibration enriched with micro massage that improves microcirculation and cellular oxygenation, and increases penetration of active substances into the skin. This allows for precise removal of excess sebum from pores and hair follicle, as well as removal of blackheads and bacteria. It smooths and moisturises the skin perfectly, stimulates natural hydration and softens the epidermis. It soothes and regenerates the skin.
ULTRASOUND - Ultrasonic wave has massaging and therapeutic functions. Acting on the body, it improves metabolism, causes vibration of cells which by rubbing against each other improve circulation. The massage regenerates and rejuvenates tissues.
Cleansing and moisturising treatment - with the use of cavitation peeling and ultrasound. Designed for dry, dehydrated skin. It moisturises intensely, oxygenates and improves microcirculation.
Duration: 60 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 140
Firming for mature skin - treatment with ultrasound. The treatment smooths and nourishes the skin, shallows individual wrinkles.
Duration: 60 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 140
Face cleansing - with the use of cavitation peeling and ultrasound. The treatment allows to remove excess sebum, blackheads and bacteria. It regulates activity of sebaceous glands.
Duration: 90 minutes Price of the treatment: PLN 170